Join the January 2018 Program!
The Accelerated Internship Abroad Experience
  • Gain entrepreneurship knowledge and skills through hands on experience
  • Visit a start-up incubators and see projects coming to life
  • Walk a production line from start to finish
  • Meet and engage with the founders of a young companies
  • Discuss the impact of social entrepreneurship and the role it is playing for millennials making important career decisions.
  • Compare and contrast business models between Ireland and the USA
  • Weekend visit to the Cliffs of Moher on Ireland's iconic west coast and explore how culture and history impact society and work practices.

DatesJanuary 1 - 14, 2018

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  • 2 week Experience Entrepreneurship course +  a 6 week summer internship. (in Dublin or any GE program location)
  • 2 week Experience Entrepreneurship course + by a 10 week professional internship. (in Dublin or any GE program location) Offered in Fall and Spring.

Experience Entrepreneurship

Want to do an internship abroad, but don't have the time or money for a summer or semester program?

Experience Entrepreneurship is designed to offer students from all majors a life and career changing experience in an accelerated format. This 2 week program combines three key areas: Entrepreneurship Training, Career Readiness Skills, and Cultural Immersion. Participants of this program have demonstrated significant benefits normally only seen in longer internship experiences, including greater confidence, increased self-awareness, and cultural understanding.

Dublin's entrepreneurial spirit is thriving with the support of their government and educational institutions makes this an ideal setting for this experience. By experiencing innovative organizations ranging from startup incubators to leading international companies, students will gain unique professional insights, gain an understanding of global opportunities and develop skills in the business world.  The academic rigor and reflection components are facilitated by an experienced faculty director, either from your home institution or local to Dublin.

Ideal for all Majors: Especially Business, Marketing, Global Leadership courses.

Price: $2700 USD per student (includes program, accommodations, 24/7 strengths assessment, support, social events, excursions and more)

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2017 Participant Comments

The program surpassed my expectations. We were able to learn the general context of entrepreneurship and understand its real world application.”  Heather C., Rochester Inst. of Technology - Engineering Major


"This was a well constructed course. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and the Location Coordinator was very quick to answer questions and set up different appointments. "

Joseph H., Rochester Inst. of Technology - Informations Systems Major


"I found it extremely beneficial and an eye opening experience."

Hannah M., Rochester Inst. of Technology - Advertising Major

Logistical Support Throughout the GE Program

Strengths-based Career Readiness
Pre-departure Webinar & On-site Orientation
Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0™ Assessment
Local Global Experiences Staff Available 24/7
Suitable for 3 credits
Furnished Accommodations
Experiential events and excursions
Medical and travel insurance
Travel card for public transportation
Faculty on-location or home institution faculty