Being a double major in two completely different fields, Media Production and French, it's hard to find opportunities that incorporate both subjects. What I loved about Global Experiences is that it gave me a chance to learn more about video production and French language at the same time through interning abroad.
Caitlin Cleveland
Media Production - Salisbury University


When I turned 25 I panicked, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life (still trying to figure that out) So, I quit my retail job, Google searched entertainment internships overseas and Global Experience popped up. I had know idea internships overseas were popular. As I spent many days researching GE I fell more and more in love with the programs they had to offer.
Brianna Pesa
Arts - Dean College


I discovered many different programs that looked great, however Global Experiences definitely outshined the others through their personable staff and assistance along the way. Looking online for a program can be scary, but after the multiple conversations I had with their staff and alumni, I knew Global Experiences was the program for me.
Alexandra Grund
International Business - Ashland University


Global Experiences found my internship placement, connected me with a supervisor with whom I would have my interview, provided me with pre-departure webinars full of useful information regarding my stay in Washington, D.C, assisted me with information on how to set up a payment plan, placed me in my accommodation, planned several group outings/ excursions to familiarize the interns and I with the area and all it has to offer, assigned on-site staff, supplied me with medical insurance, and conducted site visits to my company to ensure that things were running smoothly.
Lauren Neilson
Truman State University


Initially I had not researched many different internship programs before I found Global Experiences, however by the end of my first chat with an advisor at GE they had sold the program to me. Global Experiences doesn't just find you an internship and send you to a foreign place by yourself, they also give you great advice and guidance to prepare you for every step of the internship.
Vanessa Higham
Politics - Lancaster University


When I was choosing to study abroad, I knew I wanted to go to Italy more than any other country, but I did not know which program that I wanted to do. My friend told me how she did the same interning abroad program with Global Experiences and the same teacher when she went to Ireland so I did my research and immediately fell in love with the program and knew I had to do it.
Marisa Singerman
Arizona State University


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