Parsons Paris Summer Internship

As a student in the  program, you are already pursuing a strong academic career that offers intensive fashion and design curriculum. What about adding an internship? Add to your experience, look more attractive to employers and gain perspective on the fashion industry through an international internship.

You have your very own set of talents, experiences, and personality traits that no one else can exactly duplicate, but how do you prove that to employers? Only 1 in 10 U.S. undergraduates studies abroad before graduating. Even fewer intern abroad. Not only is an international internship a unique immersion experience in Paris, but it has also been proven to benefit your career.

Summer 2017 program: May 28 - July 22
Application deadline: March 15, 2017

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So how does it work?

Watch our "How it Works" video and learn about how the Global Experiences program works. This video will give you an insider look on how we match you with your custom internship and get you prepared to intern abroad!

Students looking to position themselves in the global workforce need to build intercultural communication skills and awareness and there is no better way than to participate in the Parsons Paris Summer Global Internship Program.

Parsons Paris Partnership with Global Experiences

Visiting students from external universities have the opportunity to intern abroad with Global Experiences. 

Summer programs are 8 weeks of full-time work experience in the fashion field.

Internships are full-time and last 8 weeks in the summer. Students are thoroughly prepped for the experience with career development activities and advising and are matched individually to an internship placement approved by Parsons Paris.
Ready to chat with Global Experiences staff? Complete the form above to connect with our Enrollment Coordinator, Alex Paisner.


Visiting students from external universities should contact:

Florence Leclerc-Dickler
Senior Director, Strategic Academic Partnerships

Parsons Paris and TNS students who are interested in interning in Paris should contact:


Summer 2017 program: May 28 - July 22
Application deadline: March 15, 2017

Logistical Support Throughout the Program

Logistical Support